"Blue Ocean Seafood" or "Brugse Visrokerij Alloo" is a family business that was founded in 1885, specialising in the smoking of traditional seafood products in an artisanal way. By conveying knowledge and skill from generation to the next, we have grown into one of the most prominent smokehouses in Belgium. Year after year our team aspires to produce a high qualityproduct while keeping in mind continuity, the original craft and never forgetting taste.


regional products

In order to receive the stamp of “Regional Product”, there are some strict requirements. By developing these particular products for 25 years, we can proudly state that these products are now official “Regional Products”:

  • Smoked halibut
  • White herring
  • Sweet herring

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Regional products


Our specialisation is the smoking of fish, but together with our partner companies we are able to produce a broad range of freshly produced and frozen seafood products. Our stock consists of over 500 products, so be sure to take a look at our assortment using the following link: